{Being a photographer, there's no better feeling than getting "the shot." When colors, light and emotion mix- a whole new feeling is evoked in my being. Creating my own world in my photographs- whatever feeling or emotion I want the viewer to have. I see the world completely differently- I find beauty in lit up dust particles and the way sunset light beams through fences. I get excited when I see soft light glowing through someone's hair. Beat up walls are beautiful backgrounds, & overcast days mean pretty light. I see and capture the world in a unique way- and the coolest part, is that even those who aren't photographers or creatives are moved by images too. Through connecting with brands, models & clients, I get to make our visions come to life and inspire others to find the beauty in everything. My dream is to continue to make lasting connections through pursuing my passion of creating magical images.}

Fashion & editorial photographer Shaye Babb, specializes in dreamy look books, unique social media content & brand campaigns.

After studying at the International Center of Photography in NYC, Shaye started her photography business based out of South Florida.  

Shaye has an affinity for natural light, the outdoors, and capturing whimsical moments that inspire emotions in the viewer and bring her client’s visions to life.

Behind the scenes of a shoot with Shaye Babb


"Working with Shaye was nothing short of magic. Her vision is sweet and authentic, and she creates the conditions for her subject to feel like the truest version of themselves. She's undeniably creative, and uses her camera as a means of unique expression. Through her lens, your brand will shine. Thank you Shaye, for a collaboration that attaches such beautiful imagery to the words from my heart." -Stef


There are few photographers who can make you feel 110% comfortable in your skin and can also have you dying laughing the first time you meet them, but Shaye is one of them. There seriously has not been a time where she hasn't exceeded all of my expectations. So creative, passionate and willing to take 10 extra steps to get the perfect picture. From my mom's wedding to pretty much my entire modeling portfolio - Shaye continues to show her talent through ambient pictures and a killer attitude. Always my first choice!! -Megan


Shaye is a one of a kind photographer. She is professional, always on-time and considerate and genuinely passionate about what she does. And it shows in her work. I have done engagement photos to product photography to look-book shooting with her and she continues to blow me away each time. I wholeheartedly recommend Shaye if you are looking for a photographer to get the job done the first time around. Love Her!! -Nikki


"Shaye was such a delight to work with! As someone who works on-camera daily, I was so surprised by how ecstatic I was with her finished products. Her knack for soft lighting made everything more flattering, and she knew exactly how to work with what I requested. Shaye is the first photographer I've worked with that came to the shoot with only her camera as a tool, and she produced the most beautiful photos with pure natural light. I'll continue to recommend her to coworkers, friends and family. She was incredibly easy to work with, tasteful and classic-- a true professional." -Hana


"Truly the best experience I have ever had with a photographer. Of course the basics of managing time and handling everything so professionally was a relief; but also, her attention to the details of the experience and capturing them is an art that she is so blessed with.  Shaye is an artist that is able to capture genuine joy, laughter and love; as well as solemn moments. She is a genius at capturing the beauty of movement and lighting. Well.. if it is possible to top that, let me add that she exudes genuine passion for the moments and the people that she is a part of forever memorializing. We considered it a rich blessing to have her with us on our wedding day.  Thank you Shaye from the bottom of our hearts. We hope to share more of life with you." -Maria